Five Oral Health Tips When You Pack Your Suitcase

Five Oral Health Tips When You Pack Your Suitcase

Summer is here, and we all go on a trip to rest, unwind or spend more time with family and friends. But the ones that lead us is to pack and find space for everything we want to take. You have to keep in mind that oral health is critical and you can not leave it aside during the holidays no matter how far you go.

So before you pack your bags, keep these tips in mind.

Do not forget to put your toothbrush in your suitcase. The toothbrush is an essential tool to keep your teeth clean. Whether manual or electric you have to protect it very well in a case so that it does not have contact with the rest of the items that you will put in your suitcase. All brushes do not have a cover so when you compare it make sure you have it, or you should buy one.

You must remember to include toothpaste with fluoride on your list. Choose the flavor you want, the need you have to keep your teeth healthy, but they always have to have fluoride since it is an element that strengthens the teeth. You still have to wash your teeth with paste since you ensure a more thorough cleaning, sweet breath and keep your teeth and gums healthy. There are several formats of toothpaste depends on how many days you go out you can buy a small size or a larger composition. To not occupy space in the suitcase I recommend a small setup inside a bag.

One important point to remember is dental rinses. Purchase a small format because in the suitcases do not leave containers with liquids of more than 100 ml, and if you carry it in the large bag, it takes up less space. Rinses are essential to maintaining the health of your teeth and gums, but be careful not to carry chlorhexidine because this type of mouthwash if used more than 15 days stain the teeth.

In no way can you forget the dental floss. To avoid cavities between the teeth, it is essential to clean the space between them thoroughly. Be careful with this product because you must use it in the right way because if you do not do it, you can damage the gums. Always choose dental floss with wax, it slides much better between the teeth. Here I leave you tips of use. Dental Floss

If you usually use utensils to clean the tongue or cheeks do not leave them at home during the holidays this will give you more freshness in the mouth and fresh breath.

With these items inside your suitcase do not forget to:

  • Wash your teeth three times a day at least.
  • Use dental floss at night.
  • Dental rinses twice a day as indicated by the manufacturer.
  • Clean the tongue and cheeks not only the teeth and gums.

Remember that caries and periodontal disease do not go on vacation do you want to play?

Debbie Richardson